How to Write a Synthesis Essay

Useful tips for you to write a good synthesis essay

A synthesis essay is one where the ideas and observations of the writer on a particular subject are combined with those of other persons who have done extensive research on that subject. In this type of essay, the author derives a thesis statement based on his research and analyses the same by means of information from research done by others in addition to their own.

There are a number of individuals who are interested in the same subject. It is also possible that many of them would have gathered information on the same or similar research paper topic. In such cases, many of them would have performed research on the same subject and voiced their ideas and observation in their own research paper or term paper. A synthesis essay aims to bring all or most of these ideas together and present them in one single essay.

A very important segment of writing this type of essay is formulating the thesis statement. The writer will have to present the thesis statement at the beginning of the essay itself, since the main objective is to present various views on the same. By clearly stating the thesis statement in the beginning, the writer can ensure that the reader gets complete clarity on what the point of discussion is. Also, these types of essays will be more effective when the author takes an informative stand rather than an argumentative stand. Since the major objective is to present different views on the same subject, an informative approach to the essay will be more beneficial to the readers.

Once you have decided to write a synthesis essay, you have to ensure that you collect as many viewpoints on the subject as possible. Also ensure that you collect information from credible sources only. Only then will your essay come out well. In order to do this, you can check out various research paper samples on various research paper topics concerning the subject matter. For writing any essay of this type, research becomes an important component. When you go through the various sources, you are likely to get interesting research ideas to conduct your research in a better manner.

Another very important point to note is that while presenting views of different persons ensure that you also present ‘differing views’. Do not try to provide information from sources that go as per your views and thesis statement only. Presenting opposing viewpoints makes the essay more interesting and informative. Also, analyze the various viewpoints and try to relate them to your thesis statement. This will also help you to justify your thesis statement in a fair manner.

Thus we can conclude by saying that your synthesis essay will be a good one if you ensure the following:

  • you frame a clear thesis statement
  • you present varied views on the subject from various sources
  • you analyze all the different views in an impartial and unprejudiced manner
  • you ensure that you collect information from reliable sources only

Going by the above, you can come up with a quality essay.